Get involved and VOLUNTEER!!   If you are interested in volunteering or just need more information, please fill out our contact form.

Call me anytime: I'll help when I can.

Library helper: Help weekly with shelving books, etc.

Fall Pictures: Gather and organize children for individual photos.

Fall Fundraiser: Count money, track and distribute prizes or gather children for prize day.

Landscaping Work Day: Weed, plant flowers, rake, etc. (on a Saturday)

Book Fair: Setup, decorate, or assist students buying books.

Vision/Hearing Screenings: Gather and organize children for check ups.

MVP Reading Tutor: Help children with reading throughout the year.

Learning Garden: Support our outdoor classroom.

Hospitality: Provide snacks and treats for our teachers periodically throughout the year.

Spring Fundraiser: Setup, decorate, clean up or work booths.